International partnershipsInternational partnerships

International partnerships

Since 2017 and the beginning of the development of international cooperation in our school, we met a lot of new partners and signed important memorandum of understanding with prestigious schools.

We have two different kinds of partners abroad:

The schools:


  • We cooperate with Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry for the TNLA (National Trophy of Agricultural School).


  • We exchange students and teachers with Escola Epamac


  • We have close bonds with Scotland’s Rural College. We met a couple of times in order to share our approach on animal welfare. We use their MOOC to teach our students how to progress in this subject


The companies:


We met and sent students in companies in different countries in Europe and around the world.

We have partners in: Scotland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherland, Portugal, Morocco…