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Students and teachers are very sad to see all their efforts and works cancelled because of the Covid19.

  • We should this year send 8 students in work placements in 4 different countries (Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Morocco) with for the first time students in higher education students in laboratory major going abroad. We will work hard to give new opportunities in 2021
  • We should have school trip in Italy and Portugal. Everything has been cancelled.
  • We couldn’t welcome our Chinese friends during the TNLA. We worked hard to prepare this competition, a lot of exchanges took place between the students of the 2 countries through the social network. Unfortunately, because of the sanitary crisis, students couldn’t meet.


  • Valentin and Matthias did a 4 weeks work placement in Danish farm. You can follow their adventure on this link: https://moveagri.ning.com/profiles/members/MatthiasValentin


  • Evan and Antoine went in Germany to work in a small farm for 4 weeks. See all their activities on this link: https://moveagri.ning.com/profiles/members/EvanetAntoine


  • During 1 week, 4 farmers from Scotland came in our school to meet our students and exchange with local farmers


  • Thibaut and Thomas discovered the life of a Scotland sheep farm during 4 weeks. They share with you their experience here: https://moveagri.ning.com/profiles/members/LesSicauxenEcosse


  • We had school trip in Portugal and Netherland