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School presentation


Located in the beautiful city of Bressuire, France, our campus, a public school of the Ministry of Agriculture, provides courses in the areas of agriculture, food industry, laboratory and environment. Gathering more than 230 students in continuous training and 400 in apprenticeship training, we rely on innovative and modern equipment to assure the best studying environment for our learners.


Campus Les Sicaudières offers professional and technological trainings in:

  • Agriculture: The students learn the needful knowledges and skills to manage and run a farm
  • Food industry: All the techniques and concepts used in food processing are taught
  • Laboratory: We teach the content of their job to the future laboratory technician
  • Environment: Students study how to analyse, create, develop and realize ecofriendly solutions

All our trainings are in French. This is important to have at least a CEFR level B2 in French if you want to join our courses.


In order to provide the most accurate lessons possible, the school has developed its own farm. The 88 hectares are used mainly as pasture for the 40 Rouge des Prés suckler cows and the 180 sheep. The farm owns 3 farmhouses and 7000m² livestock building and equipment such as tractors or trailers. We also installed 2 classrooms and one exposition room. The farm’s shop commercializes all the products produced and processed on our campus.


Dedicated to the practical studies, our food processing workshop also provides services for external persons and companies. The students learn how to manipulate the machine and meanwhile 2 employees work as service provider and teacher’s assistant. Working directly with the farm, the workshop process the animals bred on the farm to food the students eat in our canteen.


With 1 football field and one gymnasium, students can practice sports whenever they want during their spare time. The school library is open from 8am to 7pm every day to let the students read newspapers, magazines or books. The campus has 2 computers rooms and also tablets and PC available in the library.

Students can rent apartment on our site.